Espai 13 of the Fundació Joan Miró will be hosting the exhibitionButterfly Logic, by Inari Sandell

Espai 13

Detail of the exhibition Butterfly Logic, by Inari Sandell.

Butterfly Logic, by Inari Sandell, is the second of the exhibitions in the season We Will Keep Each Other Company When It Grows Dark.

In their proposal for Espai 13, Sandell explores some of the discourses and strategies of the psychiatric disciplinary system that have defined the standard narrative regarding neurodiversity and especially the autism spectrum.

Butterfly Logic takes as its starting point the survival strategies used by these insects. One of the ways they evade predators is by flying in an unpredictable and chaotic manner. Sandell invites us to transpose these patterns of behaviour into the social sphere.

The images and objects shown in Butterfly Logic present nexuses and paradoxes with various elements and materials used in regulatory treatments for autism. Sandell combines in it fragility (glass, textiles and transparent effects) with hardness (edges, spikes and metals).

We Will Keep Each Other Company When It Grows Dark is the Espai 13 season presented by the Fundació Joan Miró for 2024 with the support of the Fundación Banco Sabadell. Curated by Irina Mutt, the season stems from a desire to situate interdependence, to explain it and share it through four solo exhibitions in which each artist will present their particular way of being in the world, of managing and agreeing spaces.