Joan Miró: an Artist Who Defined a Century

The Miró Chair, a joint project by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Barcelona’s Fundació Joan Miró, is set to start the first MOOC on the artist on Wednesday, 7 October. The course, "Joan Miró: an Artist Who Defined a Century", funded by the Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Catalan Ministry Economy and Knowledge, "addresses the seminal role Miró played as a Catalan artist who achieved international fame", explains Robert Lubar, director of the Miró Chair and the UOC’s postgraduate course in Miró Studies. The aim of this MOOC is to provide the essential interpretative keys to evaluate critically the various aesthetic, artistic and ideological aspects of Miró’s work, not only in relation to the native cultural traditions within which it was formed, but also in relation to the multivalent artistic currents to which Miró responded.

This free four-week course, hosted on the Miríadax platform, is designed for people who wish to deepen their knowledge of art history with a special emphasis on Joan Miró and modern art. Aimed at the general public as well as specialists in the Humanities, Fine Arts, History of Art and the Art Market, it consists of audiovisual material in ten instalments lasting around five minutes each, in English with Spanish subtitles.

The Miró Chair is a joint project by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Barcelona’s Fundació Joan Miró. A pioneering initiative that maintains and extends the Fundació fundamental goals: to study and promote the art of Joan Miró within the local Catalan context and in relation to international cultural developments. In the spirit of rigorous scholarship and cultural awareness, the Miró Chair uses new information and communication technologies to advance this agenda. Along these lines, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya offers postgraduate course of high academic standing that culminates in a diploma in Miró Studies. Designed by a group of internationally acclaimed Miró experts, the course examines the artist’s work within the broad historical, cultural and social context in which it developed.