A Small Gesture on a Piece of Paper

Activity led by Teresa Rubio during which participants will discover the connections and affection between Miró and Picasso in the temporary exhibition. Afterwards, in a workshop on collage, they will go on to explore a technique that enabled these two artists to rebuild the fragmented world of modernity.

The friendship between Miró and Picasso grew thanks to the letters they sent each other. In one of their exchanges, Picasso told Miró 'Pure creation is a graffito or a small gesture on a wall.'

The activity will serve to intervene, accumulate, trace and recontextualise various materials to establish a dialogue between the artists' imaginaries, the moment in history and the participating people. Small gestures to update art history and to generate new accounts.

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3 hours


Exhibition rooms and workshop space


14, 23 and 28 November and 12 December 2023 and 16 and 23 January 2024 at 11 am
16, 23, 29 and 30 November and 13 and 14 December 2023 and 10, 17 and 24 January 2024 at 3 pm


Group with disabilities and social inclusion groups


Minimum Apropa rate: €25 per group
Reduced Apropa rate: €50 per group


Bookings must be made in advance on the website ApropaCultura.

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