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Latent voices

Latent Voices is a project that seeks to lend a voice to the women taking part. They are women who have recently arrived in Catalonia, and through the language classes they receive at the Intercultural Association Diàlegs de Dona, little by little they are able to make themselves understood and to communicate. Thus a knowledge of the language opens the door to integration and participation in our society.  

In the same way, Latent Voices aims to serve as a vehicle of expression - in this case through image - of the desires and concerns of these women.

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ssssonoritiessss is an artistic offering from Laura Llaneli which revolves around sound

ssssonoritiessss is a project in collaboration with two occupational centres* managed by ASPROSEAT. Its main objective is to foster well-being and contribute to the integration of those taking part by means of a transformative, , high-quality contemporary art project.

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