Guided tour of The Point of Sculpture

Guided tour of the exhibition, led by its curator David Bestué.

David Bestué is a visual artist and writer with an interest in the relationship between text, sculpture and architecture. He has held solo exhibitions and is the author of several works on sculpture and the relationship between architecture and poetry, he has also published tributes to leading figures in Spanish architecture. He has also written essays on the recent history of architecture and engineering in Spain.

In his role as a curator, he has been responsible for solo exhibitions featuring Silvia Gubern and other artists at Halfhouse. At the Fundació Joan Miró, jointly with Toni Hervàs, he orchestrated Mercuri Splash, a celebration revolving around performance art held to celebrate the centennial of the birth of art critic and historian Alexandre Cirici Pellicer. More recently, Bestué curated the 25th Image Symposium at CA2M in Móstoles (Madrid, 2018) and in 2019 he received the El Ojo Crítico de Artes Plásticas prize awarded by RNE (National Radio of Spain).

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Friday 22 ctober 2021, at 6 pm


Free activity with the exhibition entrance

For all ages


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