You Don't Hear Me. Erasure performance

At the end of her exhibitions, Nalini Malani asks someone to erase the charcoal drawings she made on the walls while the show was being set up. It is her way of closing the project while also highlighting the ephemeral nature of art. Her first erasure performances in the 1990s were intended as a form of protest about the state of disrepair of traditional paintings in certain temples in India, a shared heritage that was in danger of disappearing. In addition, erasure leads us to retain and preserve the memory of the drawings, which is a way of honouring their former existence and their influence upon us.

The performance will involve erasing the site-specific drawings made on the walls of the Fundació Joan Miró. They will disappear leaving only our memories. The artist asks several people to perform the erasure without informing the public nor the museum beforehand, to make sure it comes as a surprise.

On streaming at the Youtube channel of Fundació Joan Miró

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For all ages


On streaming at the Youtube channel of Fundació Joan Miró


Thursday 10 December 2020, at 7 pm

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