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Juga i deixa jugar

Play and Let Play

Jointly with the Parents’ Association of the Escola del Bosc school in Montjuïc, we will build a space for community interaction in one of the gardens next to the Fundació. Based on our ideas elicited by the architect’s drawings and writings, we will design play areas and spaces in which visitors can explore their creativity.

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Presentation of the book "Joan Miró – Mestres Quadreny, Suite miroir"

Painting, poetry and music are languages that share the same interior space - the space occupied by emotions. The interconnection between these disciplines is one of the core themes of the book Joan Miró - Mestres Quadreny, Suite miroir by Marta Cureses, which focuses on the work of Joan Miró and Mestres Quadreny, two sensitive creators who employed particular techniques to break down barriers between genres and disciplines.

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