General activities

Nature and Fantasy

Joan Miró felt a connection with his environment. He created from nature and gave souls to rocks, trees and sculptures. He conjured up a world of fantastic characters and gave it back to landscape. Discover the vibrant nature around you and in the Fundació’s exhibition rooms and create your own fantastic creatures.

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The Art of Walking

Joan Miró would go on long walks to find inspiration and collect objects from nature that he could use as points of departure for his works. How can you go to the Fundació from your home? Create a visual account describing the route from your doorstep to the Fundació Joan Miró.

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Yoga at the Miró

Yoga series linked with Miró’s work
The Fundació Joan Miró is offering Yoga at the Miró, a seven-month series of sessions combining yoga with observations about works related to the seven levels of awareness in yoga. Participants will be able to view Miró’s work as a path from the material to the absolute.

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