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Art Without an Aura

Printed reproductions are an example of the democratization of art and its integration into everyday life. Think about it: you probably have reproductions of works of art at home, such as postcards, posters or prints. We invite you to take photographs of places in your home where you have posters or postcards on display with reproductions of famous works of art, and then share them on social media using the hashtag #MiróADLAN.

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Standing and Sitting

Performance by artist Ivo Sans during a seven-hour work day session, accompanied by three collaborators as part of the Sampler Series, organized by L’Auditori de Barcelona and focusing on new music.

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Joan Miró, Modern Art and the Legacies of (Art) Historical Archives

The curators of the exhibition Miró-ADLAN: An Archive of Modernity (1932-1936) will be joined by Anne Umland (MoMA) and Marko Daniel (Fundació Joan Miró) for an hour-long conversation about the position of Joan Miró within the history of modern art, his role in promoting new art in Barcelona and New York, the spaces in which his work was exhibited during the 1930s, and the importance of archives (personal and institutional) in mapping the relations between artists and the local contexts in which they produced and exhibited their work.

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ADLAN and Film

The Fundació Joan Miró is participating in the Per amor a les arts series with proposals along the lines of its programming. This session, linked to the exhibition Miró-ADLAN. An Archive of Modernity (1932-1936), could easily have been programmed by the members of ADLAN (Amics de l’Art Nou [Friends of New Art]), who, as so many European intellectuals of their times, were fascinated by the origins of film.

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Guided tours

Postponed Activities

The Fundació Joan Miró offers guided tours on a regular basis to the Joan Miró Collection, the building and the temporary exhibitions. Just click on guided tours to prepare your visit and learn more about Miró, Josep Lluís Sert’s building and the programme.

Tours for both individuals and groups

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