General activities

A Body as a Universe

A Body as a Universe is one of the events being held to celebrate LGTBI Pride. This activity invites us to take a fresh look at Joan Miró’s work from a queer perspective and consists of two phases. The first, on the way up to the Fundació Joan Miró, involves listening to an audio recording that you can download from this site. This recording is intended to create a state of physical and mental openness, a small exercise in meditative ritual before connecting with Miró’s work. The second phase is a participative tour led by the artist blanca arias.

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GRAF Itinerary

For the Shared Studios. Three Case Studies exhibition, GRAF will produce a new itinerary. Its point of departure will be one of the main aims of the exhibition: to show a practical reality that is shared by a large number of the artists in the local scene and elicit a reflection on the conditions for producing contemporary art in the present context.

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Where Does Drawing End?

In this workshop, a sound stimulus accompanies a changing, diverse path that lays out an itinerary. This real or imaginary itinerary has a starting point and leads all the way to the Fundació Miró. It follows paths through the physical building and ends in the exhibition spaces of Shared Studios. Three Case Studies.

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Art Without an Aura

Printed reproductions are an example of the democratization of art and its integration into everyday life. Think about it: you probably have reproductions of works of art at home, such as postcards, posters or prints. We invite you to take photographs of places in your home where you have posters or postcards on display with reproductions of famous works of art, and then share them on social media using the hashtag #MiróADLAN.

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Guided tours

The Fundació Joan Miró offers guided tours on a regular basis to the Joan Miró Collection, the building and the temporary exhibitions. Just click on guided tours to prepare your visit and learn more about Miró, Josep Lluís Sert’s building and the programme.

Tours for both individuals and groups

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