General activities

Participatory Space You Don't Hear Me

The Participatory Space, located at the end of the exhibition itinerary, presents two activities related to Nalini Malani. A large blackboard to write down "Women who, in a certain way, have been relevant in your life". The second part of the space is comprised of five interactive projections, each associated with a woman or a women’s collective, which have contributed to raising the awareness of other people.

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Yoga at the Miró

Yoga series linked with Miró’s work
The Fundació Joan Miró is offering Yoga at the Miró, a seven-month series of sessions combining yoga with observations about works related to the seven levels of awareness in yoga. Participants will be able to view Miró’s work as a path from the material to the absolute.

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Telling and Telling Oneself

There are many ways to tell a story. Storytelling is play, it involves exploring possibilities, imagining marvels. A workshop for teachers, illustrators and students about storytelling as a tool for developing creative intelligence.

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Presentation of the book Las visitas de Nani (Nani’s Visits), by Karishma Chugani

Presentation of the book Las visitas de Nani (Nani’s Visits), by Karishma Chugani (Editorial Ekaré), with the writer and publishers
Las visitas de Nani is a beautiful illustrated narrative on the saga of a family that has been scattered around the world, an elegy to the power of affection in overcoming geographical distance.

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A Long History

Activities related to the exhibition You Don’t Hear Me, by Nalini Malani. The subject matter and specific iconography of the artist Nalini Malani encompass a broad range of technical diversity. A full afternoon in a shared activity, a multiplicity of voices resonating all at once in an experimental process.

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Group tours

The Fundació Joan Miró offers guided tours on a regular basis to the Joan Miró Collection, the building and the temporary exhibitions. Just click on guided tours to prepare your visit and learn more about Miró, Josep Lluís Sert’s building and the programme.

Tours for both individuals and groups

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