Espai 13

The Way Things Work: Fem una màquina absurdament complexa

Family workshop

Things move. Some fall, some roll, some jump, some push others towards something else. In this workshop we will connect a variety of things by building a very complex machine that performs very simple tasks. We will build a machine that operates by destructing itself. A Rube Goldberg, machine, a Heath Robinson machine, a cartoon invention. A wheel that drives a racquet that hits a ball that bounces off a cup that tenses a string holding up a bottle that presses a button that turns on the light. A choreography of balancing objects that are about to collapse. An introduction to physics using everyday objects in a playful manner.

The workshop is part of the exhibition The Way Things Do, a tribute to an iconic film by two great artists: Peter Fischli and David Weiss. A film in which a series of objects do fascinating things, following a series of absurd and complicated chain reactions.

Workshop conceived and conducted by Serafín Álvarez and Carlos Carbonell

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The Way Things Do


2,5 hrs


Exhibition rooms


 12 and 18 July 2017, 11 am

Suggested ages

For children of 6 and over


General admission 7 € / person
Familimiró: 6 € / person
Friends of the Fundació: 3.5 € / person


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