On Your Way

Nature and Fantasy

“For me, a tree is not a tree as in something belonging to the plant kingdom. It is something human [...] A character that speaks, and has leaves. It can even be disturbing. Sometimes I paint an eye or an ear on my trees. It is the tree that sees and hears.” Joan Miró

Get to Know the Fundació's Surroundings

Joan Miró had a one-on-one relationship with nature: he humanized it. He painted eyes and ears on trees. He gave them souls and talked with them. His works give us a sense of what his conversations with them may have been like.

As you wander around Montjuïc, look at the trees, the plants, the flowers, and the rocks along the way. Take photographs of the ones that grab your attention. Jot down their location, the day you saw them, and record the sound at that moment. Did they speak to you? Draw up a map of the living nature on the hill with the location of each one of these inhabitants.

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