Donations and long-term loans of works to the collection

Emili Fernández Miró (1958-2012)
With his interest in all the arts - visual, musical and literary - and similar views to those of his grandfather, Emili Fernández Miró always supported the Fundació, to which he left part of his collection on loan.

Joan Prats (1891-1970)
A close friend of Joan Miró and an outstanding promoter of avant-garde art ventures, Joan Prats supported the artist’s efforts to create the Fundació. The works by Joan Miró that Joan Prats donated to the institution, jointly with those given by the artist himself, made up the core of the initial collection.

Pilar Juncosa de Miró (1904-1995)
Joan Miró’s path is aptly represented by the collection of works that the artist kept for his wife Pilar Juncosa. These pieces, placed on loan with the Fundació since it first opened, have remained on exhibit thanks to the Miró family: Maria Dolors Miró, David and Emili Fernández Miró, Joan and Teo Punyet Miró, Lola Fernández Jiménez and Lucía Punyet Ramírez.

Kazumasa Katsuta (1939)
Kazumasa Katsuta, whose father was a painter, is a collector with a powerful artistic sensibility. He is responsible for having assembled the largest existing private collection of works by Joan Miró. A  large part of this important collection has been placed on long-term loan at the Fundació. His gesture earned Mr. Katsuta recognition from the Barcelona City Council, which granted him the title of Honorary Citizen in 2011.

Josep Lluís Sert (1902-1983)

Architect, urban planner, and GATPAC member Josep Lluís Sert was one of the key figures in the creation of the Fundació, whose building he designed when he was dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, during his exile from Spain. He and Joan Miró shared a close friendship and common views of avant-garde art and architecture. In 1955 he designed the artist’s studio in Palma.