Mark Rothko

Temporary exhibitions


Mark Rothko, curated by Rosa Maria Malet and Oliver Wick, containing works produced from 1935 until shortly before the artist's death in 1970, pays special attention to the configuration of a singular style and to the importance that Rothko attached to the arrangement of his paintings in space as items for meditation.

Sponsored by the Fundación BBVA

Contents of the exhibition: Over 80 pieces (paintings and drawings)
Production / Organisation: Fundació Joan Miró Fondation Beyeler
Curators: Rosa Maria Malet and Oliver Wick
Itinerary: Fondation Beyeler, Basle 18 February - 29 April 2001
Catalogue: Mark Rothko.Contributors: Oliver Wick, Rafael Argullol, Marjorie B. Cohn, Eliza E. Rathbone, Amador Vega, Jeffrey Weiss and Jessica Stewart.