Espai 13

Exhibition program
The End Is Where We Start From
Alex Reynolds
Curated by
Karin Campbell

Spinario, Alex Reynolds' new 16mm short film, represents the artist's return to the moving image after two years spent interrogating the basic elements of filmmaking in everyday contexts through time-based media, including sound and performance. Work on this project grew from Reynolds' interest in how people channel, or interiorize, other individuals. Reflecting on her previous experience collaborating with actors, she wanted to explore what it means to "enact" a human being using both gesture and the spoken word. For Spinario, Reynolds called upon a dancer, rather than a formally-trained actor, to play the lead character of Clara.

In terms of both production methodology and content, Spinario grapples with elements of control - the control we wrest from others, the control we retain, and the control we relinquish, willingly or not. It is a carefully-planned film, driven by a script and a clear plotline, yet the artist wanted to maintain the possibility for improvisation and chance. Parts of Spinario were not rehearsed prior to shooting, and the woman playing Clara was not informed on a day-to-day basis what her work would entail. Additionally, the artist did not watch on a monitor as scenes were being filmed, opting instead to trust that what her director of photography was seeing through the camera would meed her vision for the project.