She escaped naked. A project about the truth (Caracas 2011-2012)

Espai 13

Exhibition program
The End Is Where We Start From
Mireia Sallarès

Between 2011 and 2012, Mireia Sallarès traveled twice to Caracas to investigate how individuals in a specific geografphic location relate to and define "truth". Turning to the interview -a recurring device in her practice- Sallarès aimed to unlock the stories and perspectives of a diverse group of residents in the Venezuelan capital.

Today, twelve marble plates engraved with the phrase "A la Verdad, (Se escapó desnuda), Monumento Fragmentado, Caracas 2011" rest in various sites throughout the city that the artist selected based on their social, political and physical terrains.

Sallarès carefully documented both components of the project through writing, photgography, and audio recordings, and this is what is shown at the Espai 13.

For Mireia Sallarès, exposing her working process is as critical as sharing the results of her research. The artist speaks about this step from making to showing as an act of translation, a particularly apt metaphor given that her task here is twofold.