Joaquim Gomis. Mercè 1969

Photography in the Foyer

Curated by
Martina Millà

The atmosphere of La Rambla, the musical bands and the majorettes transport us back 45 years to the Festes de la Mercè of the year 1969. With this exhibition, Fundació Joan Miró recovers part of the photographic legacy of Joaquim Gomis with a selection of festive images, which can be viewed in the Foyer of the Foundation from 20 May until 5 October 2014.

In 2012, on the occasion of the exhibition Joaquim Gomis: From the Oblique Gaze to Visual Narration, the Foundation converted part of the Foyer into a space dedicated to photography exhibitions. The exhibition policy for this space is to alternate shows of Joaquim Gomis

with the work of other photographers who, like Gomis himself, practise this activity in parallel with their profession.

Joaquim Gomis (Barcelona, 1902-1991), the first president of Fundació Joan Miró, was an entrepreneur and an amateur photographer who was very active in Barcelona’s cultural circles in the period after the Spanish Civil War. The photographic archive of Joaquim Gomis, held in the National Archive of Catalonia and managed by Fundació Joan Miró, contains around 70,000 images, many of which remain unpublished. This small exhibition highlights his eye for capturing the traditions of Barcelona, his native city.

Photos: © Heirs of Joaquim Gomis, Fundació Joan Miró