Temporary Exhibitions at the Fundació Joan Miró

Temporary exhibitions


The temporary exhibition rooms at the Fundació Joan Miró are closed to the public from January to June 2016, while the Fundació prepares the space for a new presentation of its collection of works by Miró. During this period, you can visit The Joan Miró Collection, the Espai 13 exhibition programme When Lines are Time, and the Photography in the Lobby exhibition. From 9 April, you will discover the new presentation of the collection of works by Miró, and from 30 June onwards you can visit the exhibition Infinite Sequence by 2015 Joan Miró Prize winner Ignasi Aballí.

The Fundació Joan Miró's temporary exhibition programme sets up a dialogue between contemporary art and the work of Joan Miró. The wide variety of spaces in Fundació building host exhibitions dedicated to the work of accomplished artists and to key aspects of the artistic journey from modernity to the present. These exhibitions are entrusted to leading curators who open up new perspectives from which to view and interpret the art produced in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The exhibitions dedicated to the winners of the Joan Miró Prize are held every two years, and the shows exploring historical aspects linked to the period when Joan Miró lived are programmed during the autumn and winter months. Photography also has its own space in the lobby of the Fundació, with exhibitions that alternate between works from the Joaquim Gomis Archive and showcases by professional and amateur photographers working today. Lastly, the Fundació presents innovative work at Espai 13, a groundbreaking space set aside for exhibitions by emerging artists, organised in the form of annual programmes devised by independent curators.