Espai 13

Exhibition program
The Possibility of an Island
Gerard Ortín
Curated by
Alexandra Laudo

Often the boundaries surrounding a forest, a mountain or a field - or even a nature reserve, a wildlife corridor or a special area of conservation - are permeable and contingent, as is the terminology we use to designate them. Despite their contingency, these boundaries, which are not always evident, mark a distinction between what is in one place and what in another. They determine what lies inside and what is left outside of their delimitation, defining spaces which, given their nature or their distinct way of operating, behave to a greater or lesser degree as islands, despite not being literally isolated. They are often ecosystems that are threatened by the impact of human activity, and that require assistance or intervention - ironically, also human - to conserve them and preserve their purity.

Gerard Ortín's project for Espai 13 stems from the following research subjects: traps formerly built to hunt wolves; a feeding station for carrion-eating birds in a natural park; a 3D archery championship in a forest; and the use of wolf urine on roads to drive away animals and avoid traffic accidents. Based on the observation of these phenomena, the artist explores the meaning of the boundaries that human beings set in order to counter the harmful effects of their activity on certain natural environments.

Gerard Ortín talks about his project at Espai 13

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Guided tour by the artist and curator

Thursday, 21 September at 6 pm