Espai 13

Exhibition program
Turn it all turns
Beatriz Olabarrieta
Curated by
Marc Navarro

Beatriz Olabarrieta's work approaches the idea of translation understood as play and action, but also as a space that demonstrates a desire for transmission. A drive for communication that is open to error and in which defects not only transform the expressive qualities of language, but also alter its meaning.

For Faces, Espai 13 is divided by a construction without an inside or outside, which subjects our actions and forces us to imagine new ways of relating to our surroundings. Three screens display images of faces that blend the part with the whole, reality with fiction. Olabarrieta invites us to establish ambiguous relationships between objects and images, drawing on physical and perceptive considerations. Imagining new ways of reading, seeing and moving is a necessary push against entrenched language and against our own passivity.

The exhibit is rounded out with a video installation in the Fundació Joan Miró's Jacques Dupin library.

Curatorial text

Text du conservateur

©Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz, 2020

©Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz, 2020

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