Entourage. Photography by Enric Tormo

Photography in the Foyer

Enric Tormo
Curated by
Martina Millà

An expert engraver, book binder and typographer, Enric Tormo was an assistant of Joan Miró for lithographic and xylographic projects such as Barcelona Series (1944) and À toute épreuve (1958), the Paul Éluard book that Miró illustrated.

The photographs selected for this exhibition show Miró's entourage, that is, the artistic and cultural ambience of Joan Miró-and of Enric Tormo in consequence-during the years he lived in Barcelona, before taking up residence in Mallorca. The photographs were made in various settings. Thanks to Tormo's gaze, we see Joan Miró working on sculptures and large-format paintings, as well as in moments of careful observation, whether of the landscape around Mont-roig, the Romanesque paintings at the Palau Nacional, the Man at Prayer of Sant Quirze de Pedret or Gaudí's shapes at the Crypt of the Colònia Güell.

Many of these are spontaneous photographs showing Miró's working spaces and studio, along with moments of leisure and social situations. With this set of diverse images, we are able to reconstruct Miró's ambience, an exceptional context that contrived to irradiate progressive, quality art and culture during the early decades of the Franco regime. The selection shows some of these moments in clear contrast to the atmosphere of a downtrodden society, which encircled this luminous group of friends and collaborators.

Entourage is presented along with an exhibition focusing on the work of Tormo, curated by Aitor Quiney Urbieta, which will be held at the Fundació Joan Brossa in Barcelona, from 17 March to 31 July 2022.

Enric Tormo, Joan Miró in his Garden at Home in Mont-roig del Camp, no date