Carles Santos. Long live the piano!

Temporary exhibitions


Eclectic and unclassifiable, original and provocative, Carles Santos (Vinaròs, 1940) has attained great international prestige as a musician and playwright and can be considered an all-embracing artist.

The exhibition Carles Santos. Long Live the Piano! is a survey of the artist’s imaginary world and covers his career as a performer, composer, musical and stage director, author of films, theatrical shows and creator of powerful visual images.

The piano is Carles Santos’ chief instrument, but it is also the most emblematic element in his imaginary universe. This explains why the piano is the focal point of this exhibition, which will even display his own grand piano.

Carles Santos will use the museum galleries for new rehearsals and experimentation while the show remains open, thereby highlighting his defence of music and live performances, another constant feature in his oeuvre.

The exhibition illustrates his association with prominent artists such as Joan Brossa and Pere Portabella exemplified in music and stage productions and films; his participation as a conceptual artist in the Grup de Treball in the seventies; his cinematographic and videographic works; a selection of props from his musical and theatrical shows of the eighties, nineties and early years of the twenty-first century, alongside a significant display of the striking visual images he has created over the past two decades.

Finally, visitors will be able to contemplate the Tampered Pianos. Designed specifically for the exhibition, these are wall pianos that have been somehow altered or transformed to become truly surprising artistic artefacts.