The Yellow Manifesto. Dalí, Gasch, Montanyà and anti-art

Temporary exhibitions


The Joan Miró Foundation and KRTU section of the Catalan government’s Department of Culture are presenting The Yellow Manifesto as part of the programme of events to mark the centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí. The curator is Joan M. Minguet Batllori.

The Yellow Manifesto, or Catalan Anti-Art Manifesto, signed by the art critic Sebastià Gasch, the literary critic Lluís Montanyà and the painter Salvador Dalí, was published in March 1928 and was to become the most important manifesto of the historical avant-gardes in Catalonia and probably in Spain too. Addressed to young Catalans, it denounced the putrefied state of all things cultural and fiercely defended modernity and the Futurist and Cubist legacy as well as aspects of Dada.

The exhibition will show the leading role that Dalí played in the preparation of the manifesto, with its various preliminary versions, its deliberately provocative attack on conventionalism and Catalan official culture inherited from Noucentisme, as well as the reactions it produced in both the public and private spheres.