Temporary exhibitions

Lina Bo Bardi Drawing

This exhibition is about the profound sense of connection that architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) had with drawing. More than the design tool of a designer, to her, drawing was a primary expressive means driven by a strong sense of curiosity and doubt. She never claimed drawing to be an independent artistic language, but she embraced it with artistic purpose. Drawing to her was both a noun and a verb, outcome and process, object and relationship.

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Tribute to Gaudí

The exhibition Joan Miró. The Gaudí Series highlights the influence of the Modernista architect on Miró’s production through a group of prints titled Gaudí Series, comprising twenty-one pieces in a variety of sizes and featuring fantastic characters with which the artist paid tribute to the architect in the mid-1960s. Miró was particularly drawn to the rhythm and structure of Gaudí’s work; he shared his urge to question the use of existing procedures and materials as well as a deep bond with nature, the generating force behind his creations. The treatment of colour and the use of curved lines in these prints are reminiscent of the trencadís broken-tile mosaic technique, a hallmark of Gaudí’s work.

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