The Fundació Joan Miró presents Picasso Series

  • Photography in the Foyer
    Picasso Series
  • Dates
    19/09/2023 - 04/02/2024

The Fundació Joan Miró presents the photography exhibition Picasso Series 

Picasso Series is an exhibition of photographs that came into being thanks to the re-examination of an album of the same title by Joaquim Gomis (1902−1991), and it is being held in the same year as the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso (1881−1973).  The exhibition aims to ascertain whether it was Gomis’s intention to produce a fotoscop (photobook) of Picasso’s Barcelona. Gomis, an amateur photographer and the first president of the Fundació Joan Miró, began to publish fotoscops in 1952 and continued to do so over the following twenty years with the support of his friend Joan Prats (1891−1970). His photobooks cover a wide range of themes and, at the time they were published, were an innovation in publishing and widely appreciated in the Barcelona scene.

The Gomis Fonds, held in the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya, contains the photographic material on which these publications were based, as well as portfolios with projects for fotoscops that were never released. Among them is a collection of photographs taken towards the end of August in 1968 known as the ’Picasso Album’ or the ’Picasso Series’ that documents a stroll Gomis took through the streets of the Ribera neighbourhood where Picasso lived, studied, worked and socialised.