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The Nalini Malani Wikiproject is based on You Don't Hear Me, the exhibition featuring the Indian artist Nalini Malani (Fundació Joan Miró 19/06/2020 - 29/11/2020) with a selection of works from her entire career, in which feminist thought and the condemnation of violence are ever-present.

Nalini Malani has always defended the most vulnerable, particularly women, by tirelessly giving them a voice throughout her long career in art. Her works suggest this vulnerability of human existence using Greek and Hindu myths that are part of her personal iconography. Malani's pieces have also been influenced by literature and by her readings of women philosophers, poets, psychologists, writers, and artists. Literary quotes are a constant throughout her production, and her show at the Fundació Joan Miró includes quotes from thinkers and verses by poets written on the walls of the exhibition rooms.

The Wikiproject goes over all these names -those of the women authors Malani has followed and of the universal myths that have marked her work- in order to complete their Wikipedia entries. The effort seeks to raise awareness of these women and female myths -much as Nalini Malani, in the title of her exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró, gives visibility to silenced women and confronts the patriarchy directly by telling it that it doesn't hear her.

The editors of the Nalini Malani Wikiproject create, translate or improve these biographies to make information about these women as thorough and accurate as possible and accessible to everyone.

By making these women more visible, we hope to give further meaning to Nalini Malani's idea when she says that "if more attention were paid to the female thought process, perhaps we might reach something called progress."

In collaboration with Amical Wikimedia, Viquidones UPF and Wikimujeres

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