From the Muse to Self-representation with Mariona Borrull and Violeta Kovacsics

Much of the history of art has been built on looking at the bodies of women, many of whom have served as a muse, a figure that is both a source of inspiration and an object of desire. Picasso and Miró have themselves filled galleries by dint of painting women. The art of film is also affected by this gaze. Critics have come undone, looking for the words to define the mysterious power embodied by the female figure when she is seen over and over again by the same director.

During this seminar, Violeta Kovacsics and Mariona Borrull seek to untangle some of the great myths surrounding the muses of film and to suggest some who have exceeded their position, overturning power relations on and off the screen. What happens when muses raise their voice? Does the camera always engage in the same power relation with the person it portrays? What is the subversive potential of the role of actors as muses? How can we understand muses from a feminist perspective?

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1 hour


La Casa del Cine


19 December at 7 pm


Free entrance


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