Maximizing the Audience

The Fundació Joan Miró is pleased to present Maximizing the Audience, by Fito Conesa, as part of the LOOP Festival.

Maximizing the Audience is a documentary by Fito Conesa that presents two stories in parallel: firstly, the creation of a choral piece in Espai 13 at the Fundació Joan Miró; and secondly, a road trip through some of the most legendary places on the Ruta del Bakalao and their ruins. The film shows the moment when minimalist music slid onto the dancefloor and merged with the transcendent experience of the journey. During that era, architecture became music, popular culture transformed into high-brow culture, and mysticism turned into leisure and escape.

An activity related with the exhibition Our Own Path Remains by Fito Conesa. This show forms part of the exhibition programme at Espai 13 entitled A Monster Who Tells the Truth, curated by Pilar Cruz.


Fundació Joan Miró (Room 14)


From 13 to 25 November

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