Change of Address

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: "An Oasis in the Blue Desert "
Adam de Croix
Curated by
Michy Marxuach

"My exhibition Change of Address consists in the installation of four separate works in an attempt at a critical approach to the Puerto-Rican identity in the context of mobility, cross-roads, fragmentation, ignorance and discontinuity," says Adam de Croix.

Drawing from exhaustive research into the economic and political history that led to a diaspora of "circular migration" between Puerto Rico and the Metropolis, Change of Address represents the first of a series of projects questioning the Puerto Rican identity.

The exhibition consists of a video installation, Allá y Acá (Here and There): A Film Record of Puerto Rico Maneuvers, consisting of two videos running simultaneously inside two suitcases, with a bilingual text in Spanish and English in a deliberately distorted translation. Another of the projects is Hogar Dulce Hogar / Home Sweet Home, consisting of a metal structure framing a small house floating on a kind of carpeted pool. This installation tries to combat the identification of a house with a kind of space that limits the imagination/identification to binary structures of national identity. In Twin Props: no relief in sight, two unsynchronized industrial ventilators with no blades reflect the fragmentation of social relations.