Cycle: "An Oasis in the Blue Desert "

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: "An Oasis in the Blue Desert "
Curated by
Michy Marxuach

1999-2000 Season
Curator: Michy Marxuach.
[email protected]

An Oasis in the Blue Desert is a metaphor for the reality of Puerto Rico as seen from the country itself by six of its young artists, who have been invited to reflect on the subject of transit and cultural exchange. The experimental works shown in the Espai 13 are not only local but also come from more distant places. The viewpoint of a curator from a region such as the Caribbean that is so very "different", and the work of the artists she will be presenting, enable us to see how subjects that may be far removed on a geographical and cultural level are in fact universal and very much closer to home that we might imagine.

The themes that Michy Marxuach proposes in the five exhibitions in this cycle are fundamental ones and not so very different from those of other cycles in the Espai 13. The artists selected deal with the subject of transit and cultural exchange, the centre and the periphery, private and public, the collective identity, frontiers and cultural boundaries. But here we have another way of looking at these aspects, a different point of view. Michy Marxuach tries to analyse and reflect on the reality of Puerto Rico as seen from Puerto Rico itself, but she also seeks a dialogue with the artists and public here. This play of successive visions and reflections, which is the main theme of the cycle, has its response in the voices of those local artists who, as in previous years, will be participating in the "Open Space" held at the end of the cycle.