Covering up in order to see

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: "An Oasis in the Blue Desert "
Chemi Rosado
Curated by
Michy Marxuach

Born in Puerto Rico in 1974, Chemi Rosado focuses on the accessibility of the work of art — in particular its accessibility from the financial point of view — and treats the subject of contemporary art in general with considerable irony.

In Covering up in order to see, Rosado recontextualizes commercial images and focuses on the manipulation of messages and the media. Using newspaper cuttings with all superfluous matter blacked out in charcoal, he leaves only a few key words visible in order to show how information equals manipulation.

As part of the exhibition there are a number of filing cabinets containing tools for obliterating or highlighting these messages (newspapers, charcoal, graphite, etc.). The walls of the Espai 13 are divided into different spaces like the different sections or supplements of a newspaper.