Espai 13

Exhibition program
The 24 Steps
Diana Larrea
Curated by
Jorge Díez

This installation by Diana Larrea, which has been created specially for the Espai 13, is the result of the encounter between the mystical side of Miró's art and her own personal language. Electrocosmos draws on Miró's Constellations, a series of 23 gouaches produced in 1940-41 that represented a turning point in his career and marked the beginning of the language of his mature period, characterised by the presence of heavenly bodies, birds and women.

Larrea's installation is a labyrinth of fluorescent tubes denoting the celestial vaults. In the same way as symbols of the stars are a constant factor in Miró's art, she also re-creates in this work one of her habitual themes - the journey. But at the same time she invites the active participation of viewers, who are immersed in a kind of initiation rite that consists in moving through a space in which they can become lost in contemplation or can prove their aptitude for orientation.

Electrocosmos is Diana Larrea's first solo exhibition in Barcelona, as part of "The 24 Steps" cycle dedicated to Joan Miró and his role in the field of contemporary art, to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death on 25 December 1983.