The 24 Steps

Espai 13

Exhibition program
The 24 Steps
Curated by
Jorge Díez

Espai 13

The 24 Steps cycle, which will run from October 2008 to July 2009, will be showing projects specifically produced for the occasion by Javier Arce, Raúl Belinchón, Diana Larrea, Abi Lazkoz and Juan López. These five artists, who despite their youth have built up solid careers that have received recognition in Spain, are climbing the steep steps along their professional path that one hopes will be as happy as the ending of the Alfred Hitchcock film from which the title of the cycle is taken. Each of them has incorporated in their respective languages and spheres of interest the results of their encounters with the work of Joan Miró - his sketchbooks of preliminary drawings as well as the items on display - and with the Foundation he set up. In some cases the references to Miró are explicit, while in others - almost in the manner of a Hitchcock "MacGuffin" - the viewer will have to search for them. But they are always present in the construction of each artist's personal creative universe, in much the same way as Miró configured his own artistic language throughout his long and productive life, with honesty and without haste.

3 October - 16 November

Juan López

Today I aspire to nothing

28 November - 11 January 2009

Diana Larrea