Espai 13

Exhibition program
The 24 Steps
Raúl Belinchón
Curated by
Jorge Díez

Kéyah (meaning "earth" in the Navajo language) is a photographic project carried out in a Navajo Indian reserve in Arizona. The earth, a fundamental point of reference in Miró's art as creative force and landscape, is the subject chosen to allude to the new man and his origins. This concept allows the artist to speak of values and qualities associated with rural cultures, such as fertility, sexuality, fables, etc. He is also concerned with exploring the ancestral and primitive. The installation is like a tour through the entrails of the earth: interior spaces modelled by the erosion wrought by Nature in the form of wind and water. Matter and composition, volume and colour, contrasts of light and shade - in other words, the play between objective and subjective reality, between photography and painting. Between the work of Raúl Belinchón and the art of Joan Miró. In order to emphasise this voyage inside the earth, like a journey inside the human body, the Espai 13 is transformed into a darkroom, with the light shining only on the photographic images. This creates areas that bring the depicted space into the exhibition space, and the viewer is able to start on an imaginary voyage through Nature. This exhibition brings to an end The 24 steps programme selected by Jorge Díez and dedicated to Joan Miró and his major contribution to contemporary art. At the opening of this exhibition the complete catalogue of The 24 Steps will be presented, which will include articles by the curator on all the artists taking part together with images of their installations in the Espai 13.