Lightpools or El ball del fanalet

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: "Singular Electrics"
Perry Hoberman & Galeria Virtual
Curated by
Jorge Luis Marzo, Rosa Sánchez i Tere Badia

Lightpools is an installation by Perry Hoberman & Galeria Virtual, produced with the cooperation of the Audiovisual Institute at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and designed specially for the Espai 13.
It is a virtual experience based on a digital system that generates in real time an environment formed by acoustic and visual elements projected on the ground in a circle, around which the participants perform. Each participant carries a paper lamp with a sensor in it, which sends information to a computer on the position and actions of the participants. The computer processes all this information. Each user has their own unique, restricted facilities for interacting with the environment and therefore has to collaborate with the other participants in order to obtain more information.

The lamp, therefore, serves both as light, space, subject and object of this virtual reality experience, and placed in this circle of light it can remind us of a ballroom.

Perry Hoberman and Galeria Virtual (Narcís and Roc Parés) met in Barcelona during the presentation of Art Futura. The three of them work on installations using technology of all kinds, in both the creative and educational fields.

The exhibition has received technical assistance from Compaq Computers, S.A. and Wand Wave, S.L.