Cycle: "Singular Electrics"

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: "Singular Electrics"
Curated by
Jorge Luis Marzo, Rosa Sánchez i Tere Badia

1998-1999 Season

Curators: Jorge Luis Marzo, Rosa Sánchez i Tere Badia

Singular Electrics, a play on the name "General Electrics", is concerned with some of the new international art forms that have grown out of the latest communications and imaging technologies.

In the artistic field, technological progress involves a constant need to evaluate and reflect on some of the creative practices that have traditionally been followed. The aim of the Joan Miró Foundation with the Singular Electrics cycle is to show the public various projects that offer a re-reading of the political, social and even psychological patterns of our society.

Technology, however, is not the only leitmotif of this cycle — for that would be to fall once again into a disciplinary interpretation of artistic creation and misrepresent the nature of the pieces on show. The artists exhibiting do not use the new media as a subject but as a mechanism for expressing more clearly what they want to say. In some cases, their explorations concern the technology itself, and they use the very same materials to criticise it from inside. The curators of the cycle, on the other hand, start from the premise that technology in the world of artistic creation is not something that should surprise us but is part of our environment and part of ourselves.



David Hoffos was born in Montreal in 1966 and lives and works in Lethbridge, Canada. In this installation, Hoffos invites us to reflect on technology in the context of its relationship with illusionism and its potential as a medium for creating an illusion of reality.

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