Friction Pedagogies

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Lesson 0
Aida Sánchez de Serdio, Cristian Añó, Rachel Fendler
Curated by
Ane Agirre, Juan Canela

Pedagogic mediation programme conducted by Aida Sánchez de Serdio and Cristian Añó (Sinapsis) with Rachel Fendler.

Friction pedagogies aims to build relationships through negotiation with and between various groups from the art proposals that make up Lesson 0's exhibition programme. These collaborations aim to foster mutual inquiry among participants (teachers, artists, students, curators, gallery educators, youth, and cultural and social institutions) on issues related to education and art practice.

Around each Lesson 0 exhibition there is a pedagogic programme of activities conducted by the Friction Pedagogies team. Following from these debates and the proposals of intervention generated in common, the aim of Friction Pedagogies is to arrive at some propositions shared by the participating agents, which may help them rethink their respective courses of action. For all related documentation, please visit Friction Pedagogies blog.