Training in Ambidexterity

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Lesson 0
Eva Kot'átková

For Lesson 0, Eva Kot'átková presents a project based on the contrast or complicity, often uncomfortable, between the imagination space in which art classes develop and the academic environment that often surrounds them. The installation transforms Espai 13 in a room halfway between a broken-down classroom and a stage set conducive to art education, invoking a creative as much as a destructive force. Various objects and accessories, the kind used in pedagogical processes involving both children and adults, are arranged on a central stage and spread out to different areas in the gallery. They then get triggered by a number of performative actions and by the visiting audience. Notions of creativity and destruction outline the entire exhibition, thus pointing to the split that may take place when working in a context with such utopian ambitions as those that the teaching of art sometimes seeks.

In relation to Eva Kot'átková's exhibition, the last of the program, Friction Pedagogies, Lesson 0's program of pedagogical mediation, takes a conscious turn to examine the role of the museum as educational device. It plans to explore the part played by the educational deployment of the institution and its relations, in order to go beyond the critical dialogue found in the public arena, and thus explore performative forms and debate narratives. The goal is to rethink, in a productive manner, the possibilities and troubles that emerge at the intersection of art and education in the museum.

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