"Masters of collage" seminar

Temporary exhibitions


Auditorium at the Joan Miró Foundation

1 February Dawn Ades: Collage, photomontage and the European avant-garde

6 February Diane Waldman: Joseph Cornell: Universe of dreams

8 February Anne Umland:
Defying painting: Miró and collage in the 1920s

15 February Dominique Dupuis-Labbé:
Cubist collage: Picasso, Braque and reality

16 February Carolyn Lanchner: Dada's “good girl”: The photomontages of Hannah Höch

20 February Matthew Gale: Pertubation, My Sister: From De Chirico to Ernst

22 February Alícia Suárez: The Russian avant-garde

27 February Lourdes Cirlot:
The influence of collage on post-war art in Europe and in the United States

1 March Isabelle Monod-Fontaine:
Matisse and “papier découpé”

6 March Fèlix Fanés: Avant-garde and mass culture. Three examples

Time: 18.30 – 20.45

Admission free. Limited number of places

Booking and enrolment:

Reserved seats for Friends of the Foundation –

please confirm attendance: Montserat Cervera [email protected] – Tel. +34 934 439 471

Students from the UB a nd the UAB and general public: Maria Victòria Guiu [email protected] – Tel. +34 934 439 473