Fabulous Women

"Fabulous Women" is a collaborative project between the Escola Poble-Sec and the Fundació Joan Miró.
Every academic year, a group of 6th-grade primary school students works on the life and work of an artist. Coinciding with the Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain show, for the 2018-19 school year the focus has been on discovering women artists to begin advocating and raising awareness about the role of women in art, in the past and today.

In this year-long project, each quarter is devoted to a specific artist, and, therefore, to experimenting with a different artistic practice.
All the selected artists are from the historical period known as the avant-garde. The first quarter explores the Surrealist movement with Lee Miller and photography. In the second quarter, Hannah Höch introduces students to the Dada movement with her photo-collages and her Picture Book. The third quarter focuses on Lotte Reininger, a pioneer in animation.
Current-day artists guide the students’ work in an effort to reinforce learning through the practice of art: photographer Clara Gassull, writer and illustrator Bernat Cormand, and visual artists and illustrators Àfrica Fanlo and Àlex Tovar.

The outcome of the project will be presented to the rest of the school and to the students’ families during an art event held at the Fundació.