IN RESiDENCE. Artists at the Schools of Barcelona

In Residence is a programme organised by the Institute of Culture and the Barcelona Education Consortium, which introduces contemporary art into state-funded secondary schools in Barcelona by establishing direct contact between an artist and the pupils during an academic year.

The aim is that the artist should create a piece of work together with a group of pupils, who will participate in its conception and completion over the course of an academic year.

The Fundació Joan Miró has commissioned and coordinated residences at the following secondary schools: Institut Doctor Puigvert (academic year 2013-2014), with the artist Jaume Ferrete; Institut Montjuïc (academic year 2014-2015), with the artist Lúa Coderch; Institut Josep Comas i Solà (academic year 2015-2016), with the artists Equipo Jeleton, Institut Milà i Fontanals (academic year 2016-2017), with the artist Ricardo Trigo; Institut Bosc de Montjuïc (academic year 2017-2018), with the artist Cristian Herrera and Institut Domènech i Montaner (academic year 2018-2019), with the artist Ro Caminal.