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The Fundació Joan Miró will participate in the Museums Pride initiative with a day of knowledge sharing about the world according to an LGTBIQA+ perspective.

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Solstici Sert 2022 © Alice Brazzit

Experience the Sert solstice 2023

Coinciding with the summer solstice, the Fundació Joan Miró is offering an exceptional opportunity on Sunday 18 June between 6.00 and 10.00 am to view the building in natural daylight. 

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Viu Montjuïc 2023

Open day and street perfromance show created by the Big Bouncers collective that is part dance and part street performance that will take place outside the museum’s façade.

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With concerts at the Fundació Joan Miró and other concerts at the Museu Picasso, this activity aims to recover one of the musical styles that both Miró and Picasso most admired: flamenco.

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Image: still from El fracaso es mi estilo (Failure is My Style, 2022), by House of Tupamaras

Rereading by Hamaca

The rereadings are tours of the Miró-Picasso exhibition that invite us to consider the works by both artists, as well as the relationship between them, from a critical and creative standpoint

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