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Poetry Collage

Poetry Collage

Coinciding with the open day celebrating the Festes de la Mercè, we invite you to join this open workshop for all ages.

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Journalism in War Zones

During World War II, Lee Miller worked as a photojournalist for Vogue magazine. The discussion will include testimonies from journalists who have experienced the reality of war first-hand.

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Fashion and Gender

After working as a model for Vogue magazine, Lee Miller embarked on a professional career as a fashion photographer and as an artist linked with the Surrealist movement. The discussion will consider fashion as a sociological barometer and as a reflection of-or a possible means of raising awareness about-matters of gender. 

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Exercises in Fugue

An activity related with the exhibition Our Own Path Remains by Fito Conesa. This show forms part of the exhibition programme at Espai 13 entitled A Monster Who Tells the Truth, curated by Pilar Cruz.

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Architecture Day

To celebrate Setmana d’Arquitectura 2018 (Architecture Week), we propose a conversation during a walk through the Fundació, a workshop for imagining a greener city, a documentary screening on Josep Lluís Sert and a drawing workshop focused on the Fundació building.

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