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Juga i deixa jugar

Play and Let Play

Jointly with the Parents’ Association of the Escola del Bosc school in Montjuïc, we will build a space for community interaction in one of the gardens next to the Fundació. Based on our ideas elicited by the architect’s drawings and writings, we will design play areas and spaces in which visitors can explore their creativity.

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Joan Miró: Painting and Poetry

The Joan Miró: Painting and Poetry symposium will be held in Paris while the major Miró retrospective is being held at the Grand Palais and will focus in the main on Miró’s dream of merging painting and poetry, as well as his awareness of the existence of an inexorable duality between the text and the image.

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Maximizing the Audience

Maximizing the Audience is a documentary by Fito Conesa that presents two stories in parallel: firstly, the creation of a choral piece in Espai 13 at the Fundació Joan Miró; and secondly, a road trip through some of the most legendary places on the Ruta del Bakalao and their ruins.

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Narratives of No-Return

An activity related with the exhibition Our Own Path Remains by Fito Conesa. This show forms part of the exhibition programme at Espai 13 entitled A Monster Who Tells the Truth, curated by Pilar Cruz.

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Poetry Collage

Poetry Collage

Coinciding with the open day celebrating the Festes de la Mercè, we invite you to join this open workshop for all ages.

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