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Open Game

A day of debate centred around the exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró Endgame: Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes. An opportunity to share ideas and, through your contributions, to expand on your thoughts about the world of chess and art with relation to education, gender, aesthetics and society today.

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Games at the exhibition

At 6 o’clock in the evening, eight games of chess will begin in the rooms where the exhibition Endgame: Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes is being staged.

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Doropaedia: Self-Organisation

In spring 2017, the Fundació Joan Miró will be staging Self-Organisation, an exhibition curated by Antonio Ortega that traces the genealogy of do-it-yourself artistic practices from the sixties to the present.

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Presentació de la publicació Miró and Twentieth-Century Sculpture

Presentation of the publication "Miró and Twentieth-Century Sculpture"

Presentation of the publication Miró and Twentieth-Century Sculpture, which contains the lectures from the symposium of the same name. This publication is the second issue of Miró Documents, a series which compiles the results of the research conducted by the Miró Chair on Joan Miró based on an exhibition or a symposium.

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La Mercè

Free admission for the Festival of La Mercè from 10am to 8pm and free guided tours to the collection and the exhibition Infinite sequence by Ignasi Aballí.

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