The Fundació Joan Miró logo is a flexible system whose purpose is to strongly identify every communication medium.

3 versions exist:

  • Logo on one line
  • Logo on two lines
  • Logo on four lines

The criterion for use depends on the space available according to the features of each piece. The most suitable version for the dimensions of the format must be used in order to ensure visibility.

Corporate manuals

Identity elements and system for using them in communication media:

  • Identity manual
  • Files:
    1. Symbol and logo. CMYK and RGB (vectorial, png, eps and pdf)
    2. Tiled logo
    3. Own brands. CMYK and RGB (vectorial, png, eps and pdf)
    4. Complementary elements
    5. Communication templates: street banners, posters (A3 and 210 x 420 mm), invitations (A5, A6 and 210 x 100 mm), façade banner (temporary exhibition) and soon video signage


The file for the Bau OT typography font should be requested from: info(ELIMINAR)

Logo for external use:

  • Basic logo manual
  • Symbol and logo. CMYK and RGB (vectorial, png, eps and pdf)


Publication of books and catalogues by the Fundació Joan Miró:

  • Identity manual for publications
  • Basic templates for publications


*Available only in Catalan

Merchandising design:

  • Graphic design manual for corporate merchandising
  • Logo / Three versions
  • Tiled logo
  • Symbol
  • Labels


*Available only in Catalan