Turn it all turns

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Turn it all turns
Curated by
Marc Navarro

Turn it all turns is an educational project and series of four exhibitions that focuses on a range of processes and protocols that enable us to understand, relate to and experiment with our immediate surroundings. By playing with languages and meanings, the series aims to throw up critical insights that make us question the codes that shape our perception.

The participating artists all eagerly eschew perfunctory responses and have created their projects by applying subtle variations to familiar, recognisable objects and ideas with an eye on shaking things up.

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Exhibition series

Laia Estruch
From 20/9/2019 to 8/12/2019

Beatriz Olabarrieta
From 19/12/2019 to 22/3/2020

Julia Spínola
From 2/4/2020 to 21/06/2020

Lorea Alfaro and Jon Otamendi
From 2/7/2020 to 6/9/2020

Víctor Ruiz Colomer

In collaboration with:

  • Fundació Banc Sabadell



Laia Estruch works with the voice as an extension of the body that can combine issues linked to language, gender and social structures. In Crawl they come together in a swimming pool: an unstable setting that becomes a laboratory for sound experiments.

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