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Nalini Malani Wikiproject

The Nalini Malani Wikiproject is based on You Don’t Hear Me, the exhibition featuring works by the Indian artist Nalini Malani. The project examines the names of the women authors who have influenced Malani and the universal myths that have shaped the artist’s work, with the aim of providing a better knowledge of them by completing their Wikipedia entries.

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In Praise of Shadow

Coinciding with the two exhibitions in Barcelona devoted to their careers, the South African artist William Kentridge and the Indian artist Nalini Malani will talk in this session about the points where their work coincides.

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What are your causes?

Joan Miró was involved in a variety of political causes for which he painted a large number of posters. He used his bold, committed brushstrokes to support democracy, human rights, and the Catalan language and culture, among others. At the Fundació Joan Miró, as part of the Open City Thinking Biennale held in Barcelona, we invite you to join a workshop in which you will discover the most militant Miró and design your own poster to let your voice be heard.

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Barcelona Dibuixa

Draw and make your own herbarium

In this workshop, we will observe the beauty of nature and create our own plant collection mixing tree leaves, paint, drawing and paper collage. You can also create your own herbarium at home or wherever you happen to be. An activity designed and led by Inés Calveiro.

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Yoga at the Miró

Art and Yoga Sessions for Everyone
The Fundació Joan Miró is offering Yoga at the Miró, a series of sessions combining yoga with observations about works related to the seven levels of awareness in yoga. Participants will be able to view Miró’s work as a path from the material to the absolute.

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In Museu

Visit to the reserve collections of paintings, sculptures and drawings.

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