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Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature

The exhibition Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature centres on the ongoing fascination of the Swiss-German artist for the observation of nature and natural phenomena. The exhibition is structurated in four sections, each of which includes work of other artists who also explored aspects of natural phenomena. As female artists, however, they did not receive due attention or consideration in their day

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1 Possession Drift

For the curator, Pere Llobera, Marria Pratts’s 1 possession Drift conjures up the intense atmosphere that raged through the late 1970s and early 1980s-tough times that saw new attitudes burst onto the cultural scene. In common with young people from that time, Pratts also belongs to a generation on the edge that expresses itself in radical, hard-hitting style.

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Silly Symphony

Martín Vitaliti presents Silly Symphony, a project which appropriates ideas from early American cartoons from the 1930s, the golden age of animation, which began with the arrival of the first animated pictures with synchronised sound. 

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<p>Joaquim Gomis, <em>Man in the beach looking for his clothes,</em> Sitges, 1967.</p>


Bimbo is an exhibition of photographs in the lobby of the Fundació Miró, which accompanies the temporary exhibition Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature. It takes the passion for cats shared by the dancer and photographer Nora Baylach and Paul Klee as the starting point.

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